School has started again and football season isn’t far away. And, there are five fabulous fall and winter holidays to prepare for: Labor Day (Boomsday), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s!

The fine merchants of The District in Bearden make it so much easier and more enjoyable to get ready for all the festivities, whether you need clothing, catering, or a make-over for yourself or your home.

As fall approaches and cooler weather is in the offing, it’s natural to want to spruce up your “nest” and your personal appearance. The District in Bearden has the resources to help make your desires into your reality. Every merchant in The District has worked hard to make your shopping and dining experiences productive and enjoyable for you. They’re ready to show you the great things they’ve gathered from near and far, and those fabulous finds are all conveniently located in one easy-to-shop neighborhood with ample free parking, less traffic and less stress for you.

Come to The District in Bearden. Visit your favorite shops and restaurants. Discover other great spots you might have missed. You’ll be glad you did!

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